Since our establishment in 1962,
we, SEMYUNG, have contributed a great deal to the
industry development of domestic-foreign countries.
We manufactured the fittings of transmission and
distribution lines, railway fittings
and also automobile parts,
and were in charge of the construction of
both the domestic electric domestic electric
power Network and the KTX high-speed railway project

We would like to say that our staff and employees¡¯ continuous efforts in reserch development
and quality improvement
have made this possible.
Our human education technology development and management ideology centering on customer satisfaction will, substantially further our company¡¯s progress and continue to create increasing demand for our products.
We will make a firm foundation in the area of material industry with the know-how of casting, forging, and processing parts that we have acquired during our company¡¯s operation.
And so, our staff and employees promise to make our best efforts to make our company the best, top-level company, and also to commit to making a better environment on the earth.
Thank you for your kind cooperation and deep support.
We hope you will share your guidance and advice with us in the future.
CEO & President     Chul-Hyun Kwon